COVID-19, CFL 2021 Schedule and Toronto Argonauts

The CFL has published its really exciting 2021 season schedule. How could any Argo fan not love four “Labour Day Classics” against the Ti-Cats or three “Battle of Ontario” games against the REDBLACKS. It’s going to be very, very interesting in Argo-land this year. 

That is, of course, if football fans, governments, and the media across Canada can start showing some excitement and back the league’s owners: so they will step up and get things going in 2021. And, the reality is, whether the league’s revenue model is "CFL fans in seats" or "CFL fans in cloth face masks", there really is no -- financial -- excuse for not having a season. We’ll see whether there is a -- health -- one come next year.

But, in preparation for 2021, Argo and CFL Football fans can fight against COVID-19 and FOR their favorite CFL team: buy cloth CFL team cloth face masks from the CFL's Online Store this Christmas. Give CFL cloth face masks (not ties, socks nor underwear) to someone young or old: COVID doesn't care. I'm waiting for the league to send me a "Labour Day Classic" cloth face mask I'll wear watching the four Argos and Ti-Cats matchups. Give me a "2021 Grey Cup" version to watch in Hamilton late in November next year (COVID or no COVID-19, at home or at Tim Hortons Field) to keep my face warm. I remember the 2016 Grey Cup at BMO Field and I could have used a cloth face mask sitting in the North section nosebleeds watching the REDBLACKS win.

Provincial governments in Canada can stop calling elections during a pandemic (BC, SK, NB) and start laying out their plans to support football (pro and amateur) in Canada again. The federal government might also allow Canada's burgeoning cannabis sector companies to sponsor and advertise Cannabis 2.0 products (beverages and edibles) at stadiums and online during CFL on TSN game broadcasts.

The media, if it's not too busy writing about and broadcasting the NFL (love Dolphins, Saints, Broncos), might consider doing a little more to help the CFL raise revenue, rather than punish it for not being rich enough. It can start by running online banner ad campaigns promoting each team's CFL cloth face masks at a time when, well, people need face masks and CFL owners could use the extra revenue.

Of course, we already know what CFL owners think: they don't want to keep losing money. Well, try telling that to millions of small businesses across the country right now. CFL owners, good as they are, bought their house, and now they must save it like the rest of us.

CFL 2.0 has been announced. Does Canada want it or not?



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    1. What is IDM Crack? Is that the code to crack the mystery of when the Schooners will finally have a CFL team in Halifax? Go CFL 2.0 in 2021 and beyond.

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    1. Thanks for the post. Make sure you buy your CFL seasons tickets: virus or no virus. IDM monitoring or not. Here's to CFL 2.0 in 2021 and beyond!

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    1. Hi BC. Thanks for your comment. It is great to know people are following. hang in there out in BC. Loved it when I lived in the Okanagan, and I still need to finally get into BC Place for a Lions game. Here's to 2021 and CFL 2.0!


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